Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Welcome to the Jungle..Tamed.

I have always built a handy-links page on my own website to quickly click and access webpages I use often for research work or play. Then I do not have to manage bookmarks, and I can access my links from any device available.

The Oakland University website is packed with stuff and it currently requires LOTS of scrolling, especially on phone, and time consuming hunting through sub-menus. I make my own websites and Android Apps, so why not my own FASTER OU website? Here it is OUfast.com  .

If you are a Student, Faculty or Staff member and you would like a one-click link on OUfast.com, then email me your request to: kpmitton@gmail.com

You can use it too. Then just remember  OUfast.com


Dr M.

Ken Mitton, PhD FARVO
Associate Professor / Eye Research Institute - Oakland University
President - OU-AAUP